Someone reminded me of my Popples from when I was a child. I had two (maybe three) Popples stuffed toys, a tricycle, a book and a plastic cup. I still have the book, it's at my dad's in the shed though. But I THINK I have the orange big Popple and the small white Popple here. And I have the cup here too. The tricycle is long gone. It was plastic and I rode that thing til it couldn't be ridden anymore. I know the cup is packed away now and is at J's parents place. But I think the stuffed animals are still here. 

I think we found a house. The price is right. It has tile floors. But we haven't seen it or pictures yet. But he only wants $1300 to move in and is waiving the pet deposit. Soooo... We don't care how it looks at this point. 

I am ready for work and have time to kill but don't really want to do anything. So I've just been sitting in bed playing on the iPad. I need to write a letter tonight and mail it to Lilly and tell her we're moving so she doesn't mail me any letters right now. 

I'm off work tomorrow. I have a long mental list of things I need to do. 

Oh I need to check my email!!!

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