Panic attack maybe?

I don't like making phone calls or answering the phone or talking on the phone. If you actually get me on the phone, I will want to make it the shortest phone call ever. If I have to make a phone call to someone I will drag my feet forever on doing so. I'll wait til the last possible minute. 

I'm not good at saying no or confrontation of any sorts. 

J text me saying that the property management group scheduled a showing for Saturday at 1030am and he asked me to call them and tell them to fuck off. They've been calling him and leaving messages asking him to call them back and he hasn't. What am I supposed to say? The house isn't ready, it's a disaster and if you come over those people won't want to rent it AND you'll want to not give us any of our deposit back. 

I'm freaking out. I don't want to call them. I don't want to be here on Saturday morning. Why would they schedule a showing if they haven't even seen the house to know the condition of the house? 

I'm going to find a hole to crawl into now. Bye.

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