Nail care routines.

Ive been reading all day about nail care routines. I want to improve my nails and the skin around my nails. I might start taking biotin and I really need to start moisturizing on a daily basis, maybe even several times a day. 

I drove my car to the barn today and emptied out my car. I also brought up a few things. A garbage can and garbage bags and I put that on the porch. I also brought up Kreasy's water and food bowl and put them in the porch and put his dog food bag out there too. Our soap dispenser from the master bathroom still has soap in it so it's in the bathroom here now. I brought in my little broom and dust pan. Kreasy keeps getting dirt on the bed and then I brush it all to the floor so I swept that up today. I still have dirty towels in the car and 2-3 rolls of paper towels, all of them aren't full rolls either. I can bring some inside and leave one in the trunk of the car. Not sure what else is floating around in my car but there were some odds and ends still in there. I put the vacuum in the garage and need to clean it all up. 

I want to buy some hooks and stick them on the dresser for my keys, change purse and name tag and maybe my hair brush if it'll fit on whatever I buy. Those things are all sitting on top of the dresser but can hang on hooks. The box of dishes need to be brought to the barn, I forgot to do that today. I can do that Saturday, my next day off. J's entertainment center has a ton of empty unused space that could be used for stuff. It needs to be dusted and cleaned and then I could use it to store the towels and sheets! Totally just realized that. My nail polish containers might fit on either side of his xbox. They're just sitting here on the floor in the way. I'll work on cleaning the room and organizing it when he closes so that I'm not getting in his way. And if I get empty boxes tomorrow at work I can empty the dresser out and then can hopefully empty out one of these laundry baskets. I have two laundry baskets in here with clean clothes and I need at least one of them out of my way. 

I want some cookies. Or ice cream or something sweet. 

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