I'm going to sneeze.

I can feel a sneeze coming on. I have sneezed so many times in the past 2 months, it's stupid.

Jacie gave me the idea of making a list of some sort of all my nail polishes. So I've started. I don't know if I like the way I'm doing it but it works. I'm using these white note cards I have. I have 3 cards started and that's because I would start a new card when I wrote down the left side of the card. 

First I sorted all my Sinful's out into numerical order. I wrote sinful on the back of the card and then on the front, I wrote the number and the name then put a dot of the nail color. I did the entire left side of the card. Then I started my second card which was random polish card. So far it has Orly, Del Sol, Born Pretty, Rimmel, E.L.F.... Not sure if anything else is on there. Then I started the third card which says Sally Hansen on the back. I didn't finish that left column. I was tired. But I couldn't start on the 2nd columns because the polishes weren't dry yet and my hand would have been in the polish. Lol... So I figure they'll dry tonight and tomorrow I can start the 2nd columns. 

We went to Walmart tonight and spent $81 on cleaning supplies for this house. Toilet bowl cleaner, all purpose cleaner and swifter floor cleaner were all replacements for my almost empty bottles. We bought 3 bottles of vinegar and 2 boxes of baking soda. We've used 1 of each already in the front room. I think J poured too much vinegar but he's like we can't make it any worse. I guess he has a point. Except that the carpet is SOAKED in vinegar. Well part of it anyways. We also blocked off the front room so that Kreasy can't get in there. 

Tomorrow I need to do some laundry, empty out the hall closet, dismantle my day bed, tape the box in the laundry room up... Put some more boxes together for the stuff in the tv room. 

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