We looked at the apartment and it is smaller than what we've been used to but it's fine, we are just two people. The yard was bigger than I thought and because it's a corner unit, the yard goes partly on the side too with the fence. We would be able to move in around the 15th BUT he wants 6 weeks of rent really. He said he would want $795 x2, $250x2 for the pets and then 2 weeks of rent since he collects rent on the first and not the 15th. So $2490 altogether. By the 15th. Sigh. James doesn't want to do it. He wants to wait and save up some more. But the rent is good. It's under $800 which is what we wanted and that's been hard to find. Everything's been over $800 and then they also all want 3x that plus pet deposits. I do think his pet deposits are a bit ridiculous especially since it's non refundable and it's the same for a cat and a dog. I emailed my dad about how much the guy would want and we'll see if he offers me the money before I have to ask. 

I asked James if he'd bring the mini fridge and microwave up to the house if we ended up having to stay here. He said there's hardly any room. I told him I would make room. Lol. If I eliminated the "nightstand" then they could go on my side of the bed. I didn't mention to him that I would also be bringing my toaster in here too then but I can carry it so I didn't think I needed to mention that. Lol. When I go to work on Wednesday I need to find a box to bring home so I can empty out the dresser. I have clothes in there I really don't need right now. Then I can put stuff in there that we do use and used to sit on the top shelf in the closet. Pants, towels and sheets. I can take out the dividers in the top drawer and I can fit more in there then. 

If I had known prior to Friday evening that we wouldn't be moving into JF's house then I would have packed differently. I would have already packed up the dresser and re packed it for living here. I would have packed stuff for living in a bedroom. I'm so not used to not having most of stuff with me. I'm not used to not having my own space either. I've lived on my own for 7 years. 3 years was completely by myself and 4 has been with J now. It's an adjustment. 

I need to shut off the electric and Internet to the house. 

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