Target has the cutest baby clothes.

I saw another onesie I *have* to get. It's a Valentines one and says something about auntie spoiling me or something. Don't remember what exactly but it's similar to this... I can't find the one that said aunt on their website. But it was red and the same company. Target still has the Halloween one on their site yet the new one isn't on there. 

We have pipes in our backyard for the well and it's been leaking water the past two months or so and we've wanted to somehow hide the fact that there's anything wrong with it but never did anything. It's just been a drip but today it was shooting water out and had the same drip. So I finally walked over there to see what was going on. There was already caulking on there!!!!!! This house is 7-8years old and yet it has the stupidest things wrong with it that shouldn't be messed up. We moved in 3 years ago so the house was 4-5 years old and had already had a problem there that had been "fixed". So anyways, when J got home, he turned the well off (which means we have no water) and once all the water was drained from the well, it stopped dripping so I put more caulk on it. The caulk says it takes 36 hours to dry before it can be exposed to water.... Well I'm not going 36 hours without water. I'll give it a few hours and turn it back on and hope then that it has dried enough so it doesn't leak. And if it still leaks, I guess I'll wait til we've moved out and I'll turn it off again and try it again. 

So what else is wrong with this house???? The outside of the house has 3 outlets (I think). 1 at the front by the front door and then 1 by the back door and they don't work. There's 1 for the well and it works. There might be one on the side of the house where the sprinkler control is but the sprinklers don't work because there's also no electricity to it. There are 2 outlets in the garage that also don't work. All of the breakers are on and when I found out that the outside outlets don't work, I did stand there and flip breakers to try to get them to work but nothing helped it. It's weird though because I think if I remember correctly, the garage breaker is on its own breaker and the sprinkler on its own and no idea what the outside outlets were on. But the well has electric, our outside lights work, the garage lightbulb works and there is an outlet on the ceiling, by the lightbulb and it works. But those 5 other things just never got turned on??? 

Then the light switch in our bathroom for the main lights doesn't work properly, you have to press on it harder than needed for it to work. Or maybe you'll get lucky and get it the first time. You never know.

Then other light switches and outlets throughout the whole house sink into the wall. They're not supposed to do that. They make these things called spacers to fix that very problem. But why is it even a problem in such a new house? 

I could go on but my pizza is here and I'm going to go eat. Lol

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