How does an AC intake vent (is that what's called?) get this dirty? 
That was in one of the bedrooms. The other 3 in the other bedrooms weren't that bad but that one was horrible. But so all the AC filters have been changed out and I've wiped all the dust off the bedroom vents. But the living room needs to be cleaned but it's harder to do for some reason. J changed the filter already.

We needed light bulbs for the bathrooms, 1 in the hall bathroom and 5 in the master bathroom. Hall is clear and master is white. So we bought them and I put all the new ones in. We had 1 white and 2 clear left (they come in packs of 3). Like 2 days later, there was a bulb burned out in the master bathroom. I was like what the eeeeeef. But it was a dusty bulb so that means it was an old one, lol. I replaced it tonight too. 

The clothes from before are dry, just need to put them away. (Maybe). There are clothes in the dryer now that should just about be dry. There are whites in the washer now. I used bleach this time. J had left one of his white work shirts on the couch and it was covered in dirt and blood (not covered but spatter) from the dog or cat scratching at fleas. So hopefully I can save the shirt. 

I changed the bed sheet. I packed up the stuff in the bedroom plus stuff from the master bathroom and closet. I took stuff down off the walls. There is a shelf still up in the back bedroom and then some screws from other shelves in there. J's hulk clock is still on the wall I think. I also have 2 sets of hooks in the front room. 

I need to measure the blinds!!!! 

Oh here's what else I've worked on tonight... 

Holes in the wall in the garage. From what? From throwing knives. Don't ask.

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