A possible apartment?

We've wanted to rent a house but would look at apartments too if they met our requirements. J wanted a fenced in yard for Kreasy. I wanted tile floors because of the pets and their various issues. We wanted the rent to be under $800. It's been hard to find a house under $800 with all tile that allowed pets or dogs over 30lbs. Today I saw an apartment on Craigslist and it has what we want. It's a 2/2, has a private fenced in backyard and tile floors. The rent is $795. I emailed him that it's two adults, a 45 lb black lab and a cat and he said we can see the apartment tomorrow at 315pm. It's a triplex I believe. The ad says corner unit. Here's the listing.

It's in Cape Coral so we should be able to transfer our electric to there and only have to pay a transfer fee of $30. We would need $1895 to move in and we don't have that. Our next payday is the 10th. The ad says someone could move in around the 15th. If he would take a holding deposit from now until we got paid again, I would be okay with moving in later. I already told him in my email we were living with family right now so we didn't have a move out date to worry about. Or if he wanted all the money this week and we could get the keys this week, well I'd be calling daddy right then and begging him to borrow money. 

The apartment is smaller than what we've been used to for 3 years but we just don't need to bring everything we own right now. Like the garage fridge. We don't need that there. Jacie- want a full size fridge in your room? We won't mind. J and I would have to decide who gets which room for their fun stuff. Should we use the living room as our bedroom and then each get a bedroom for our tv, computer, book, video game rooms? Our fun rooms. Lol. Or should we use a bedroom as a bedroom and the second one as J's room and then I can use the living room as my fun room. J's messy and I can close a door to his mess then. It has w/d hookups so that's a good plus. That way we can bring them with us. I could probably leave one or both of my white bookcases here. 

I'm a little excited about seeing this!

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