A little organization...

Is what I did. I brought home a box (technically two) and filled it up with clothes we won't be using while we're here. I dusted most of J's entertainment center off, I didn't dust behind his tv cause knowing my luck, I'd knock it to the floor. I put 3 towels on the shelf the xbox sits on and top sheets and blankets underneath along with an extra towel. Now with a dresser that has way more space I put clothes in it. There's also two towels in my bottom drawer, they're new with tags still. Lol. I hung two 3m command hooks on the side of my dresser. I still want to get another 2 pack and have 4 on the side. Even though I don't know what else will hang there. My hair brush doesn't fit on the hook which was one of the things I wanted to hang. My keys and change purse will go there at least. Maybe the flashlight. Hmmm... Maybe if I do 3 on the side and then 1 on the side of my "nightstand" I could hang my purse on it. I can't hang it on the side of the dresser because it would be in the way of walking through the door. 

The only clean clothes left are all shirts that need to be hung. I can hang them tomorrow. But I'll also have to wash clothes tomorrow night. I'll need a clean work shirt for Friday. I need to also wash my quilt. It's covered in Kreasy dirt and there's like a huge stain, like from him licking the blanket or himself and then laying down. I don't know. But I can't deal with it any longer than tonight. (I only noticed it tonight.) 

I still can't really get over how we found ourselves "homeless" but am grateful that J's parents were able to let us stay here. I went to the old house tonight and got a few things from the garage and got the mail. That reminds me, guess I should do a change of address, maybe? I didn't the last 2 times that I moved cause I was able to still pick up mail if I got any. This time, I can't really do that if people could be living there. 

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