I used to reread books all the time but then I was able to buy all the new books I wanted and since there were always new books, I stopped rereading books. Then the past few months I couldn't buy as many new books as I wanted. So I've been rereading books. Except most of my books are packed in boxes. There's one box that I opened for some reason and it had books in it. So I reread a bunch of those. Now I need to find books to read and I'm going to have to just bring all my books up to the porch I think. Then I can just open them all and reread everything I own. Well most everything. I don't want to read textbooks. Lol, just novels. 

I need to also find the box that has my shadow falls books in it. I know it's labeled. It should be. But I want to reread the whole series. There's going to be a new book coming out I think next month. And I read everything last year so I "need" a refresher. 

Basically I need my books!

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