The sunscreen that I said I liked from the sephora sun safety kit? It's $65 for a 2 oz tube. I can't afford that! I also was looking at my hands tonight and they just really are showing their age I think? Or sun damage. Idk. I think I'll also start applying sunscreen on my hands and maybe even my arms. My arms have a ton of freckles on them and I don't remember having that many freckles. I'm pretty sure I'm showing signs on sun damage. Or I'm paranoid. Either way, I'll be applying lots of sunscreen on ma body 4 days a week now. Well just my face, hands and arms because those are the only areas that is exposed when I'm on deliveries. And my cosmetics vest covers my arm down to the my elbow. I've been doing deliveries 4-5 days a week for FIVE years now. That's 4-5 days of sun exposure for at least 2 hours during the hours of 2pm and 6pm. 

I need to go to bed and stop thinking. 

Just apply the sunscreen! I have a ton of it now, lol. Not just all my samples but some in the car and some in various spots in our room including 1 in my purse! 

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