I signed up for Influenster last year but I wasn't very active on there. I created a new account last week and I'm going to try to be more active on it and hope that I get more boxes that way. But they give you surveys to see if they're going to send you something. And because I'm new, I have a ton of surveys right now. And OMG I've been answering questions for almost 2 hours. I started answering them on my phone on the way home and am still going. I was going to call my dad when I was done. But there's not an option to save and continue later so I just keep going thinking maybe soon, it'll finish. So far, soon hasn't happened. I think I'm just going to call my dad and finish later. I know that if I don't close the window for the website it won't lose my spot but I just figured there wasn't going to be a ton of questions.

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