My Sephora order.

Last month Sephora had a Sun Safety kit that was $32 and it was sold online and in stores. It's sold out online already but could still be found in either sephora only stores or sephoras inside of JCPennys. But the ones that were sold in JCPennys had less products in them but we're the same price. 

I've been wanting to use more sunscreen when I'm working. Four days out of the week I do deliveries and I'm out in the sun for about 2 hours on those days. I'm always red on my nose and cheeks during the week. Once I've had a day off from deliveries that redness will usually go away. If I use sunscreen, I'm good. My grandfather and dad both had skin cancer and had to have spots cut out. My grandfather had it on his arms and maybe his face but not sure. My dad had spots on his face, so I'm trying to be proactive here and I definitely have room for improvement. I already use sunscreen on my face and body when I'm going to be in the sun all day so the next step is during deliveries. 

When I saw the Sun Safety Kit, I was like maybe this will help me. It comes with 16 products, 15 have SPF and 1 is a sunless tanning product and doesn't have any in it. I've already tried out 3 of the products. These are also called deluxe samples so they're all small enough to bring on a plane or in your purse.

Everything came in the plastic travel case with the hot pink lining and I put all of the Sun Safety kit items in front of it. Here's the 3 I'm trying out right now.

I love the lip balm and the sunscreen. The eye creme? The product itself is fine and I guess it works as a sunscreen. I never had redness there so I can't say for sure if it works or not. But it's a great size and will last me a long time along with the lip balm. I think I'd buy the eye cream as a full size just because I think using an SPF eye cream is a great idea and it's the only one I've tried so I'd probably just stick with what I know. I don't know if I'd buy the lip balm. I have a ton of Softlips lip balms that I like just as much as this one and they're SPF 20 and both seem to help my chapped peeling lips WHEN I remember to use one or the other on a semi regular basis. Even just using a lip balm once a day seems to help my peeling lips immensely. I really like this sunscreen. It doesn't feel heavy and isn't noticeable when I sweat which is awesome. I sweat a lot during those two hours I'm outside and I'm constantly wiping my face and some sunscreens just are so noticeable when I'm sweating whereas this isn't. I'd definitely buy it. 

Those are tinted so I'm not sure how they'll work. The one with the pink cap is the sunless tanning product so it probably won't get much use (if any) from me. The other three have SPF in them so I'll try it out but I don't know if they'd work when I'm sweating. Like if my regular sunscreen is sweating off me then I'd imagine that if I used these then I could end up looking splotchy because the color/tinting will be coming off. I might save these for like a day off when I don't plan on sweating like a shopping day where I'd be indoors mostly or maybe during the winter time when its not as hot. 

Those are the other colorless products. Each one is slightly different. One is a serum, one is a spray that can also be used on the hair, there's something that is called or has yoghurt. I'm not sure which one I'll try next! I might try each one for a week so I'll need to pick out my next one by Tuesday. Maybe I'll go with yoghurt and look it up and see what is supposed to make it so great. 

I wish that there was at least one more each of an eye cream and lip balm so that you could compare the two different ones. This was my first purchase from sephora and most products are out of my price range so I like the kits with various products so that I can try things out before committing to a full size expensive (to me) product. Also $20 of that $32 price tag goes to a... Skin cancer charity. I can't remember the name but that really appealed to me too with this product. The value of everything is supposed to be around $150! 

I was also able to get some free samples with my purchase. Every purchase comes with 3 samples and you get to pick out what you want from a list and these are like foil packets or those little spray vials of perfume. I went with the 3 things all the way on the left of my picture. Then there are always codes floating around that you can use to get a deluxe sample of something. There was a hair product category, perfume, sunscreen (I skipped this completely since all the choices were in my kit), skin care and a whole bunch of other categories. I spent so much time looking all these up and finally decided on a leave in hair conditioner. The last sample I was able to get was my birthday gift. Sephora does a birthday gift for everyone and each year it's something different. This year the product was lip liner or crayon or something. It was a make up item I'd never use. I was going to just give it to Jacie buuuuuuuuuut when I went to put it in my cart I saw that I was actually able to choose what I wanted. I could choose the lip product or a Peter Roth skin care set. I went with that, lol. That's the orange and green products in the first picture. The orange is a gel face cleanser and the green is a eye gel mask. Both will probably last me forever. I tried out a little of the face cleanser once already and don't know if I like it yet and I haven't tried the eye gel yet. Oh and I'm also trying out one of my little samples. It's in the silver packet and is a eye gel that you put on under your eye cream. I'm not sure what it's supposed to do but I can tell where I've applied it at as it creates a line in my skin, like its tightening the skin maybe. I'll look it up before I decide if I like it or not. 

Well Kreasy is shaking because of the thunder and this post is long enough so I better go.


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