May's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

I just got June's bag last Friday and I haven't posted May's yet! Well I better do that. I don't have pictures of June's yet so that might not show up on here for a while, lol.  But I promise I'll get pictures up before I get July's bag.

The label says Featuring Summer Drinks July 2014. 

Here's everything together. There were 3 polishes again and I hope they continue with that. I think more people prefer that and I know there were complaints when they sent out 2 polishes and 4 nail/skin care products. October, November and December were all just 2 polishes. I'm not counting base or top coats! But I think they were and now they're not! So it's an improvement and it shows they do listen. Like the solid perfume they did in December. It was in a tin and you would have to scoop it out to put it on you. In March they introduced the solid perfume balm which I prefer but in a scent I like, I didn't the Rose. HOWEVER!!!!! If a solid perfume was made with the May's cuticle balm scent, I'd buy it. So on that note, what the heck did I get??

-Twisted Ice Tea Cooling Gel- I won't use this. I don't use cooling gels often and I don't like ice tea so I'm leaving this sealed until I can sell it. 
-PiƱa coco-colada cuticle balm- I love this. I love this more than Pomme Rouge and Cranberry Sangria! If/when they release other products in this collection (summer drinks July 2015) I'll be buying more of these cuticle balms plus maybe a lotion. 
-Mojito Classico Perfume- I get nauseous from anything minty. Smell or consuming it. I can chew a piece of mint gum but I have to spit it out after 10 minutes or less because I'll get sick. I just sold this the other day. (along with things from past bags)

Let's move on to the colors!! 

-Juicy Orange Pop is pretty. It's sheer and works best over white or lots of multiple coats. 
-Laguna Grande is a really pretty green blue color. It looks blue in the bottle but once on the nails, the green shows up.
-Neon Yoshimi is a neon (duh) glitter topper. It has pink square, yellow/green square, black square and white square glitters in various sizes along with iridescent hex glitters. There are also pink hex glitters. The white glitters are the smallest, there are two sizes of both pink and yellow glitters and one size of black. The small pink and yellow are the same size then the big squares in pink, yellow and black are the same size. The yellow glitter looks metallic yellow in the bottle but over certain colors it looks green. It's the same yellow that was used in Magic Cake. 

I think I like all 3 colors. I love Laguna Grande. I didn't like Neon Yoshimi at first but then I tried it over Laguna Grande and liked it. I've also now seen it over other colors and I really do like it now. I also like Juicy Orange Pop but I think it's just going to be annoying because it's so sheer. 

I don't have any good pictures of Laguna Grande and Neon Yoshimi, just a few I took at night in bad lighting. I only swatched Juicy Orange Pop and didn't take a picture. 

There was a previous collection called The Robots Collection (I think it came out early 2014 but it could have been in 2013) and it had 5 frost colors and their names ended in Bot and then there was a black and white square glitter topper called Yoshimi. We've now had 3 colors in our mystery bags this year that are apart of the 2015 Robots Collection which I think is just awesome for whenever the collection is released. I'll already have 3 out of possibly 6 colors. Rosy Bot was from January, Neon Yoshimi from May and then in the June bag was a green frost called Thallo Bot. 

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