Happy 4th of July. I'm sitting in my closet.

There's a small party going on here right now and there's a thunderstorm going on. So Kreasy isn't happy. He doesn't like strangers and growls at them so P bought him a muzzle and it works but after about 5 hours of it, he did NOT want it on. Now there's a thunderstorm here and he is so scared of them. He has panic attacks during really bad ones. Like right now. I've been sitting in the bedroom with him for about an hour. Then I took him out into the living room with his lease and J put his muzzle back on him. He just sat with me wherever I was sitting. I went to the bathroom and he went with. Him, just fine. But anytime I wanted to come back into the bedroom, he did not want to go. He wanted to go in S's room or Jacie's room but not our room. So I finally just picked him up and carried him into our room. The closet was his safe place last summer so I sat in the closet and got him up there. He's a lot calmer sitting in here but he won't do it if I'm not in here with him. If I sit on the bed he sits/lays in front of the door freaking out. He pants and shakes. He won't get on the bed either during a storm.

So I'm sitting in the closet with him.

S got a puppy yesterday. Her name is Roxy and she's in our room now too. She's sleeping on the floor currently. She acted like she wanted to go into the closet with us and I picked her up and put her in here twice but then she would jump out. So I gave up. She finally settled down.

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