June's Birchbox!

I found a really awesome deal on a Birchbox subscription. If you signed up during the May promotion, your June bag was only $1. WHAT? I was so excited. I've been reading about both Ipsy and Birchbox for several years now and wanted to sign up but I always thought they were both mostly make up items. I don't wear make up on a regular basis. I don't even wear make up once a month. But for $1 I was going to get it no matter what was in the box. I filled out the questions and here's what I got in my June Birchbox.

My box was mostly... Not make up lol. I've been reading a ton of reviews and comparisons of both boxes the past few weeks and apparently Birchbox is more lifestyle/skincare boxes whereas Ipsy is more make up. So that's cool for me! 

I am LOVING the hair tie. Seriously. It has been in my hair everyday since I got the box. It alone was worth the dollar. The perfume smells good but it doesn't seem to last very long. I've only tried the sunscreen once but I'll try it again for sure. It's the same brand as one that was in my Sephora sun safety kit but is a different type. This one is lotion and the one in the sephora kit is a serum. I haven't tried the leave in conditioner yet but I definitely will. I might try the BB cream, not sure. The eyeliner though? I have never been able to use eyeliner on myself. I can wear it if someone else puts it on me. But applying it myself? Forget it. You can't put it on while you're wearing your glasses and when I take my glasses off, I'm basically nearly blind. So I'll either give the eyeliner away or keep it for when someone else does my make up. 

While I was packing our stuff to move, I actually had a small collection of make up just to have someone else do it or to use myself if we went somewhere I wanted to wear make up at. We didn't know where we were moving to and so I just went ahead and threw everything away. I would have kept it if I had known we were going to move in with J's parents, then I would have it for Jacie to do my make up with.

I've thought about trying out Ipsy just to see if I can get a few make up items to build up a small collection again. Maybe I'll keep BB a few months then switch it to Ipsy. I REALLY like the idea of getting all the cute make up bags from Ipsy, that is its main appeal for me. 

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