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Last weekend I signed up for a bunch of free samples on different websites. One of those at which is a natural skincare company. You answer some questions so they can figure out what skin type you have and then eventually you get a response back and you find out what skin care regimen you should follow along with the products you should use and they let you know you're going to get some samples of those products. 

I looked up samples from previous years and they looked like travel size samples to me but when I got my samples today it was mostly foil packets and 3 in plastic containers. Which is completely fine, it was all free! I just wanted to put that out there in case other people do the same thing and see the older pictures (some were from 5 years ago) and also think they're going to get some good sized samples. 

So I signed up for these about a week ago and received my package today so the turn around time there is awesome. It's the first samples I've received out of everything I signed up for last weekend. 

There's everything I got. They sent a variety of 8 products with the eye cream having 2 samples. I'll probably be able to get 3-5 uses out of the foil packets (I usually do with face products) and then no clue how many I'll be able to get out of the plastic containers. The pots are awesome, I'll be able to reuse them for nail art glitters when I'm done. I don't think I can open the Aloe Lotion bottle though. It came with a product guide and a product application guide based on my skin type. I think the application guide is awesome because I was looking at all the samples first, looking at the directions and wondering which should I use first, how do I even use the aloe lotion (it's actually a liquid and not a creme) or when would I use the drying cream. 

Everything was on the guide except for the Botaincial Exfoliating Scrub which based on the directions, I think I could just use it instead of the Strawberry Face Scrub. 

There's a close up of the directions for everything. I didn't get a sample of the Enzyme Cleansing Gel so I'll use one of my regular face cleansers while I'm trying all of these products out. I like that the moisturizer has SPF in it. I've been trying to use a sunscreen lately to help with the redness (sunburn I guess) I get across my cheeks and on my nose when I do deliveries (four days a week). I don't like that none of their eye creams have any SPF in them. I have a sample of sunscreen from Sephora that is for the eye area and I think that's great. I don't get sunburned there but the eye area is prone to wrinkles because of the sun. 

Here's some closes up the samples and the back of the packets!

I don't know when I'm going to try these but after I'm done using them I will post a review. I'm just trying to use up some other samples first. 

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