June's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

Here's my large mystery bag for the month of June. It's going to be my last large bag for a while. I changed my subscription to a mini so that I could try out Ipsy for a while. If I don't like Ipsy then I'll go back to the large. 

The colors are pretty accurate. I'm not a fan of ice tea so I'm trying to sell the scented top coat. It smells just like ice tea with lemon to me. It's supposed to also have oranges but I didn't smell oranges. This will be released as part of the Summer Drinks collection that comes out next month. I really like Cuprum Veritas. It'll be a part of an upcoming (doesn't say if it's this year or next) precious metals collection! Thallo Bot is okay. I'm not a fan of frosts and this is a frost to me but RH calls it a metallic. This is part of the robot collection part 2 which comes out this year too. Then the final nail polish is Aqua Cristalina and it's a glitter topper. It doesn't say anything about it being a part of a future collection. 

The two non polish items are the Summer Juice soap and Islands in the Sky perfume mist. Both are new items. Summer Juice is an older scent but starting next month there's going to be a collection of Clear Scented soaps. The soaps come in 6 scents and everyone got a different scent so even if you saw spoiler pictures, you wouldn't know what scent you would get. The Islands in the Sky is a really nice scent and I like the perfume mist bottle. Also you can reuse the bottle which is really awesome and if I ever actually use it up, I'll be putting other perfumes into the bottle. The scent smells like parrot bay with pineapple in it. Yuuuummmmy. So good.....

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