Slightly optimistic?

Im slightly optimistic about the vinegar and baking soda in the hallway. At least on the odor part. It smells better and I only did small spots when it's like the entire hallway. 

I painted my nails this light pale glitter gold color. It's from the sinful holiday display. I might do something still with some green polish. But not sure what. I kind of like the gold polish by itself. I didn't think I would. I only bought it because it's a Christmas color. I've been buying a lot of reds and golds just for that reason. I have a green and white glitter and a red and white glitter that I bought from a Sally Hansen display and was going to use the green and white glitter but then couldn't decide on a background color for it. I don't know how it would look on gold. Maybe I'll try to paint a tree. 

Work was okay today. I was in cosmetics then hallmark and then I went home. 

I was sitting in the tv room and J comes in there and asks me to come look at Sylar, that something is wrong. I go in there and there was blood on the counter (here we go again with him on the counter) but J couldn't find where it was coming from. We looked and looked and couldn't see anywhere on him that it came from. He has sores all over him that are crusty from the fleas but they weren't like bleeding profusely or at all. And everything is always just crusty, it's never like a deep cut, it's just on the top layer of skin. But this was a lot of blood so it was very odd. I looked and looked and looked and there wasn't even any blood on his fur. 

Also- HE NEEDS A BATH. And flea medicine. His neck is all crusty and I'm afraid if I put it on him it'll just hurt him. But what else can I do?! 

I am so tired, I think it's time to get ready for bed. The dog is staring at me to take him outside. I took him outside last night and he just ran around trying to chase an animal. 

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