Santa suit nails.

The lighting outside is really good right now so I took Kreasy outside and thought I would try to take some actual decent looking photos of my nails. The photos are decent looking but my nails are not that great. But here hey are none the less. 

I painted the base red and then drew on the white, black and the copper/gold on top. I should have done a white base then used tape and painted the red on. I think it would have looked better. The white is giving me problems at the tips. I think it's shrinking because of all the coats of top coat I used. The white is an old jet dry French tip white from loreal and is about 8 years old and when you use seche vite on dry nail polish, it shrinks. So I think that's what is happening on my tips. Insert sad face. I don't have a gold polish, just some glitter ones but they have other colors in them or the Sinful 24 karat one would be too pale. So I went with a copper color and it doesn't look that coppery like I thought. I really like the red for this and I like that it's sparkly like the belt buckle is and that the white and black are cremes. Over all I'm happy about how they look for my first attempt at Santa suit nail art.

Colors used: Sinful Red Eye, Sinful Black on Black, Loreal French tip white and Sally Hansen Chop Chop Chopper (I think ?)

Time to go check the mail.