Car kit?

I read a blog post on a restaurant kit for babies and toddlers and she used a make up bag for it and I realized I had a travel bag that was very similar and that I wanted to try to make a car kit out of mine. I had bought it last year to use for Alaska but packed it before the trip. Our tickets were bought in January and we still thought we were going to move then so I was packing all our stuff up. We ended up never moving but I never unpacked the stuff either. So in May when it was time for our trip I forgot all about the perfect travel bag. This year I went through the box and found it and was like OH YEAH. I still think it is a good bag for travel but I am always in my car for deliveries and always need something and I have stuff all over my car. I haven't put anything in it yet but here's some pictures.
The front. It has a soap case, 2 spray bottles and 3 regular bottles. I think they're all 3 ounces which is the max size for carry on luggage. It unzips for this pocket and there's a little room for something flat here (wet wipes). 
Then the back. 
Here's the inside of the containers.
Here's the inside of the back. It has the main compartment which then has two zippered pockets. One is see through and the other isn't. There's a strong metal hook to hang it up in the bathroom when traveling and it's even in the right place so that the bottles on the other side aren't upside down. Which this is from Walgreens so I'm surprised they got this right. Lol. As for what I'm thinking I'll keep in here, I'm going to have napkins, wet wipes and hand sanitizer for sure. I already keep a little bar of soap in my car too so I'll have that in the soap case. But I almost always have a bottle of water or more in my car and at times I've been on deliveries and really would prefer to wash my hands. So I put the soap in there. And I ended up using it quite a few times!! Sometimes I would get dirty money or touch someone's door knob or hand when giving them their prescription and I get back in my car and think wow, I would like to wash my hands because they feel cleaner than with hand sanitizer or with wipes. And so I would, in a parking lot of an apartment building and would be pouring water out on my hands. It worked. I would feel cleaner after wards. I have forks in my center console because sometimes I need a fork at work and they could be kept in there now instead of getting in my way in my console. That's all I can think of. I wish I had a trip planned somewhere now so I could use it for that. Lol. Also we're planning on moving for real this time so I need to start packing. Sigh. I just dread it. 

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