J's birthday!!

After he went golfing, I gave him his presents. Here they are all wrapped up. 
The one with green paper and writing is Christmas paper because I was going to give it to him as his Christmas gift but after I had the newer purchased stuff in front of me to wrap, I realized that I needed to give that one as a birthday gift otherwise it would have been "uneven" in terms of price value. Lol. I was going to give him two video games for his birthday ($40 each) and a Hulk toy and then Hulk speakers (that's what's wrapped in Christmas paper), a framed picture of his family and a hulk shirt. Well then I decided to give him the toy, a video game and the speakers for his birthday plus the m&ms and the other video game, the hulk shirt and the picture for Christmas. Then I remembered that I had a hulk tervis tumbler for him too. So he got 4 gifts for Christmas and 3 for his birthday. Lol. The solid green paper is Christmas paper but he really likes the color green and it's solid green, no words or pictures on it so I figured it would be okay to use. 

Anyways. After that we went to Square One to meet his family for lunch but minus his brother P. Here's some pictures I took today.

J is in the green shirt and his brother S is in the Arizona shirt next to me. J moved so he could hold baby M. Lol just wanted to clarify that. 

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