So I went to Lake Worth for about 24 hours to see my parents and brother and basically pick up Christmas presents. Lol. And my dad bought pretty much everything I sent him links for! One of those items was an SD card reader that plugs into the iPad and that is where the omg comes from. Cause it is the best invention ever. Lol well for right now. Last year it was the TiVo that my dad bought and the iPad J bought. In 2000 it was the first TiVo my dad bought me.  Basically the best invention ever changes. Lol.... So for 2013 it is the card reader. I've misplaced the camera/computer cord and the SD slot on my computer doesn't always work so I'm not the greatest in the world at transferring photos from the camera to anything. They will sit on the camera for months and months until I eventually sit at the computer and do something. It took me a year or so to put our Alaska pictures on facebook for that reason. So yeah, omg! Here's some of the photos I have... 

Jacie- here's some never before seen photos from Halloween/thanksgiving. 

Yup. That's a picture of my first plate of food on Thanksgiving. It was so good too. Lol. Now I'm hungry and want food. 

Here's a picture of the boys getting ready to shoot guns. 

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