It is December now...

Which means the new year is almost here. Which means that it's almost time to make a resolution list. I'm pretty sure I can't cross anything off of the one for 2013 but I'll have to look and see. Some of the things I know will be on 2014's list will include paying off some debt, reenrolling at fgcu and finishing my degree and improving on cleaning. I did a pretty good job at improving on that last one this year. But this house is too big and my health gets in the way of me cleaning it how I would prefer. Also the pets interfere with it a lot too. No matter what I do, their horrible bathroom habits get in the way. So next year we will hopefully be living in a smaller place with tile floors. Those two things will make the cleaning resolution easier to do. I also want to organize my stuff better. And this will probably require me to spend money on containers or a shelving unit. I will use what I have first though. I have the two while book cases and the bins that fit in the cubes but I don't really like them. I ended up throwing random stuff into the bins and nothing had a system. I would rather use one of the bookcases as an actual bookcase for my more recent books and my favorite old books. I also want to start reading again. I haven't read a book for a few months now. I was trying to read two books a month and I could start that this right now as I have a large stack of unread books.

I did a lot of cleaning today. Laundry, cleaning up pet poop, sweeping and mopping the floors. I ran out of the mop cleaning solution tonight though. Tomorrow I want to work on cleaning bathrooms. I also took out the garbage and recycling but forgot to take the big can to the street tonight. Oops. 

I saw a blog post today about organizing a restaurant kit for babies and toddlers and she used a make up bag that has several zippered pockets. I have a travel kit very similar to her bag and now I'm brainstorming on what I can put in it. I bought it prior to our trip to Alaska but then had it packed away because I thought we were moving last year. And when it came time to pack for Alaska, I forgot all about it and so I never used it. And I still haven't used it. I think I could put together a car kit for me. I have all sorts of things I like to keep in my car to use when I'm at work or while on deliveries. And they all just sort of float around in the car and I have to search for it. Or I take it out and then need it in the car the following time I'm in my car.

I need to try to sleep now. 


Jacie Fella said...

I just want to let you know I am reading your posts...just don't have enough hands or time to comment on them. Love the new background btw

Patricia Rainey said...

Aw thank you. I like knowing someone reads. Lol. I like reading yours!!