I broke a nail tonight. I'm supposed to be starting 12 days of Christmas nail art tomorrow. This sucks. 

I'm in the middle of a post but I didn't want to finish it tonight. But I had a few things I did want to post tonight so it's a separate post. 

J made scrambled eggs for me tonight. And he washed dishes today and cleaned the counters and stove. He's also been cleaning the tub in the 3rd bathroom. Which I'm really glad because it was really really really disgusting. It has a clog somewhere and had been full of standing water for I don't know how long. We had no idea it was like that until P moved out and I was like noooooooo, who's going to clean that. And then I just ignored it and surprisingly J has been working on it! 

Okay, it's time for sleep. 


Jacie Fella said...

I suck lol. i'm pretty suck I'm not doing the nail challenge. Munchkin is sick and D's sister gets here this weekend

Patricia Rainey said...

:( did your mom get him sick?!?!?!!