I'm not painting my nails right now.

And I was going to. Instead I started looking up vintage nail polish. I wish I hadn't thrown away so many of my old nail polishes. I only have a few left. And I'm glad I didn't throw them all away. I found out that they can be restored. 

I'm not sure about my nail art plans. My thumb nails are going to break too. And I don't like to call attention to my nails when they're short and/or different lengths. I don't even like to paint them dark colors right now either. I would just use light colors right now normally. But today is green. I'm not sure what I'm going to do right now. I want to at least have Christmas colors all month. Especially since I've been buying colors just for December. 


Jacie Fella said...

Why don't you make them all close to the same length? That way when they grow back they'll be the same.

Patricia Rainey said...

Cause that'd be really short. =( I trimmed them some and filed them. But everything else is still way longer than the broken one. And it was after all that, that I noticed the thumbs were breaking too. I painted them a glitter gold, it's really light and subtle. All 3 breaks are below the fingertip. I'm going to try to give them a couple days to grow a little more. It drives me batty when they're below the fingertip. Gr!