4 days!!!!!

I have four days off. I need to be excited for this and do so much stuff around the house. I'll make lists tomorrow. I need to clean, do some online shopping. I need to work on a little bit of packing. I need to do my nails and do some crafty. I have so much free time. 

I also need to work on making this blog pretty looking. I need to work on other pages for it too. And maybe I'll finally purchase a domain name. I told J though he should buy me a domain name for Christmas. I also need to make my wordpress blog pretty too. I have a few pages there but I need some here. And I need to make tags so that everything can be in categories. 

I need tags for pictures, medical, craft/DIY, nail polish, moving. I want to make an about me section page. And I need to decide what, if any, topics I want my two blogs to be about. Right now I just kind spew words on anything in my life on my both blogs. I started this one to talk wedding planning on here but then I like to ramble so I started rambling on here and now there's no wedding planning going on here. 

I need to figure out what kind of light I need to be able to photograph my nails better. It's so hard to take good pictures, the phone always makes everything yellow looking. And even sitting in the rooms, it's hard to see and I can't even tell what colors are what because it looks dark and even yellow in person. 

Blah!! And sigh. Lots of sighing. Time to go. More tomorrow. And hopefully the blog will look better tomorrow too. 

My first plate of my thanksgiving dinner. 

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