6 am.

It's 6 am!!!! Why the eff am I still awake? I took all the pills too. Well not all as in the grand total sum of how many I have. But I mean I took some of each kind. And I can't take the good one now because it'll probably have me sleeping until 2pm. But oh well I took it. It should hopefully have me knocked out soon. And then hopefully I can sleep through til when J comes home from golf. I have no idea what he wants us to do today. I don't know if he wants me to take him out to lunch or dinner. I told him to think about where he wants us to go to lunch at. So hopefully that means that he won't go out to eat with the boys. Which I know if he wants to and it comes up, I would hope at least that he asks me if I want to go or picks me up. I gave money to my credit cards.

I'm falling asleep here so I guess it's time to lay down and see if I sleep til 1143 am which is what I set my alarm for. 

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