My dad's visit.

****this post was originally from September I think but it didn't publish so I published it on the 18th but it changed the date of the post.****

We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise where our food was yummy. He said my chicken meal looked so good and so I made him try a little of everything and he said it WAS good and that the next time he comes over, he wants to get that. For dessert we went to Coldstone and he wants to try every single one of their creations. He had apple pie a la cold stone and I had my usual cookie doughn't you want some. Here's my ice cream. Yum. 

Now I want some. I wish there was a cold stone on my way home from work. I would be in so much trouble if there was one.  Then we went shopping! We went to World Market, a thrift store, Publix (nothing special here just a sub and Gatorade for James), then to Target. 

At World Market I bought some stuff that I had pinned on Pinterest a while back. So that was cool. I bought this big ring of big skeleton keys. I love me some skeleton keys. And I bought a glass tray that has 3 skeleton keys on it. It's in the bathroom on the counter and I put my jewelry on it, the stuff I change out daily. My dad bought two jars of two different kinds of pickles. Stuff he likes but can't really find anywhere. 

At the thrift store my dad bought this model from the 60s or 70s. I thought he was going to resell it bc he said it was about 4 or 5 dollars cheaper there than online but he's actually going to put it together and paint it! He has a few already from the series it came from. 

Then at Target I just bought normal boring stuff, nothing fun. Cleaner, sponges, blah blah blah. I should have bought a case of water that day. Oh well. Lol. 

We ran out of water this week but J and I stopped at Publix on our way home from his PT yesterday. We bought water there and a bunch of other food. It was all expensive stuff too. I think it was almost $60. But I didn't think we really got all that much. Maybe I should look at my receipt or something. I work today 2-6. Yesterday was 11-7 and it was such a long day. I'm going to be trained in pharmacy soon. Next week I think? Not sure how my schedule is going to change or if it will. I might get more hours too. That'd be awesome. He asked if I still wanted to work just 30 and I said 30 was fine but that I would/could work more. Which is what I hope he meant and not that he was going to cut my hours. And I hope that he just changes my two short days and gives me more hours there for pharmacy. My short days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sunday I work 8-330. Monday and Friday is 11-7. And hopefully when J is done with PT I can go back to working 10-6 on Monday and Friday. I hate staying at work til 7. Mainly because I end up having time to work on stuff for the store and I have to get IC3s and and give the front register a break. 

I have a photo project in my head that I want to make real!!! I just need to print the photos. Maybe I'll upload them right now. I really shouldn't be spending the money but oh well. Sometimes you still need to spend a little on yourself to keep yourself sane/happy. 

I had to get Kreasy out of the bushes last week a few times. And now I have this rash on my arms. I want it to hurry up and go away. It's embarrassing. Plus it's annoying when it itches. 

Okay, time to upload photos!!

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