Current pictures.

I took these today. I've made some progress. I put the hook on the door to hold the swiffer duster and then wanted a 2nd one to hold the dust pan but the dust pan doesn't fit on the hook. But my idea was still awesome. Lol I'll just have to buy a different size hook. Not a bad plan. Then I also want to buy some sort of shelf thing to put in then so that I can have 2 levels of cleaning supplies. I have other stuff I want to keep in there but it gets crowded in there. That's why I wanted to hang those two things, at least get them out of my limited space. I just had an idea for my 2nd purple hook. I can stick it to the side of my baking supply 3 drawer thing I have. Then it can hold my measuring spoons. It'll fit there too. I tried it first. Okay, I stuck it on there! I'll take a picture of it in an hour or so. It has to stick on there by itself for an hour before use and they're a little heavy so I'll follow the directions for that. 

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