J's brace was unlocked today which means he can bend his knee up to 90 degrees!!! Wooo. This is a big step. He has a new exercise too. And he's going to a new store when he goes back to work. I worked 2-6 today. It was a decent day. That is until I went back to the store after deliveries. Then things just got annoying. Oh well. I broke a nail today too. Also annoying. I got a letter in the mail today!! I want to make sure I actually write her back within a timely manner... We used to write several times a week but the past few months, we've only been sending like 1-3 letters a month. I must change that. I'm watching a new show, Necessary Roughness. It's on USA. Season 3 is on Hulu right now and that's where I started at. I wasn't sure if I would like the show or not. But I did! So then I requested the DVDs on Netflix. I just finished season 1 today... and next will be season 2. I can't wait until the fall season starts. There's so many shows that I'm excited for, including Castle. I think it might be my current favorite TV show. It's 10pm and I think I'm going to try to go to bed "early" tonight so I'm going to go. I've still got to take the dog out (Again, the first time it was thundering and so he was scared), brush my teeth, change into PJs and take my pills and do whatever else I end up doing before I actually crawl into bed. It usually takes me like an hour once I make up my mind.. J? He's like "okay, I'm going to bed" and then he's in bed and asleep within 5 minutes. Guys. tsk tsk.

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