I hung up the measuring spoons! 

Then I hung hooks up on the back of the door of our "liquor cabinet" to hold the oven mitts. 

Then I just ran around taking photos of stuff I'm going to use for a photo collage/chore chart. Here are some of those pictures: 

I'm not sure what the laundry one will say but I bought four or five of those white plastic mini laundry baskets. They're great for the dog toys in the living room. Then I use the other 3 that are in the bathroom and closet as holders of underwear, socks, whatever else is small. The one in the bathroom is for mine cause my little stuff gets lost and then not enough gets washed. When it's full, I wash it with the clothes and then magically I have enough clean underwear. 

Okay, it's 2am and I am falling asleep. I was going to practice The Lord of the rings game but nope. 

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