Opening Night stained my nails.

I had Sinful's Opening Night on my nails and it went on with one coat but then used seche vite so it should have dried quickly but didn't? I messed a few nails up the day I did them and then there was shrinkage going on so last night I took it off. And now the edges of my nails and my cuticles are stained. Then because of the green polish from a few weeks ago my nails are stained yellow. It's growing out but is such a slow process. So basically my nails are a mess. I'm going to try to not use any polish until the yellow has completely grown out. 

Our dryer is annoying. I have to run it 3-4 times and even then the clothes might not be dry. I had towels in there the other day and P started doing laundry so I went to take my stuff out of the dryer but everything was still damp even though it had been run 3 times the day before. And because P was going to be using the dryer soon, I just took all the damp stuff out. Then I rewashed everything a day or so later. Then ran the dryer a thousand times and the towels dried. But I used one yesterday and it smelled from being wet for so long. Eeewwww. I hate that. So annoying. 

I only slept 6 hours or so last night. Then I worked 8-330 and I didn't get a break or lunch today so now I am exhausted. But I can't go to sleep yet because I have clothes in the dryer and I've gotta stay up and rerun it 2 more times. 

******this is really from 8.4.2013******

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