Trying out the blogger app!!! Plus some picture spam at the bottom.

I'm using the blogger app on my iPad right now. So far, it's way easier to make a post. J has a huge stack of movies he's watched that I need to eventually add to my list. Now he has the wii hooked up in the living room so he hasn't watched any DVDs now. He's been watching Netflix. We're going to have P come over tomorrow to help us put the flea medicine on the dog. Hopefully that means we can get all of the medicine on him. And then maybe that'll actually reduce the fleas. I can tell they've been reduced in the past few days since I've given the cat his medicine. 

J got his stitches out, have I mentioned that anywhere?? I'm not sure. It's been a week since they were removed. So it's been 3 weeks since his surgery. He has 3 weeks left til his next doctors appointment and then I guess that appointment determines if he can go back to work or not.

A at work keeps trying to compare herself to J and say she knows what he's going through and that she completely understands. She didn't have surgery. She had an injury from a car accident and she didn't have to go on disability for 6 weeks. She didn't HAVE to walk on crutches. They recommended it but she choose not to, she was able to walk without them. She also chose to not continue with her PT appointments because it was hard to fit it into her work and life schedule. She has very little in common with J's situation. I've even told J that I can only understand part of what he's going through. I'm supposed to wear knee braces and I have pain in my knee and I've dislocated my elbow and dealt with that and I'm supposed to always do my PT exercises 3 times a day for... Well forever. And even with all that, I still don't know what it's been like for J to not be able to shower because he's drugged from the surgery medicine and not be able to go to the bathroom because he was too drugged to walk. He couldn't even feel his leg for 12 or so hours and would drag his leg around to walk (he walked like 2 times I think). 

I've gotta take a break....

Back. It's 8.3.13 now but I think I originally wrote that on 8.1.13. 

J could not walk for 2 weeks without the crutches. He HAD to use them. He wasn't allowed to put weight on the leg. When he would try, he couldn't do it because he had become weak. Which is why he's doing physical therapy. Now he's allowed to put weight on it and he's allowed to walk with crutches with putting some weight on the leg. But of course, he's not using the crutches to walk around at home. We went to Perkins last night and he didn't bring the crutches. He's also not putting the brace on correctly and his knee is bent just slightly and I've told him, he needs to let me put it on him so hat his leg is straight. He says it is straight. No dude, it's not. I'm going to try it and take pictures and show him that there is a difference. I just hope he doesn't screw something up and that he heals correctly/properly. I think next Thursday they put the brace at a 90° angle and so he keeps it bent like that then for a week but he's at some point going to be allowed to sleep without the brace too. I can't remember if that was supposed to be week 3 or if it's week 4. 

Okay, I need to go back to sleep! With the light off and laying down. 

Here's my newest skinny picture. 128 lbs. 

Awesome picture from 4th of July. 

The best picture ever. And I will print this one day and frame it. Yes I will!! 

Christmas 2012. At my aunt D's house. They all moved to NC though. :(

Okay, that's enough picture spam for the day. 

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