I'm at the corner of tired and cleaning.

I cleaned for about 2 hours. 2.5? I washed most of the dishes, the dishwasher is full so when they're dry I'll put them away and then wash the last few dirty dishes. I cleaned the kitchen counters. And the top of the stove, well as best as I could. I cleaned random areas on the cabinets that had cat hair. The cat hair is everywhere, it drives me insane. 

My dad is coming over tomorrow!!!! I miss my daddy. We're going out to lunch when he gets here and I want to take him to Cheeseburger in Paradise. It's my favorite restaurant. Lol, the people who know me know I don't eat beef so no burgers. Hahaha. So what do I eat? They have this amazing chicken and broccoli and rice dish that is amazing. It's called St. Bart's citrus chicken. It just feels healthy. I usually get chicken tenders at other places. The picture at the end is of my meal that I get from there. The picture is from April 1st, 2012. It was our 2 year anniversary. 

I keep falling asleep. 

I wrote all that above around 230. Well I did fall asleep. Sitting up, light on, iPad on my lap... Not the greatest thing. My neck is so sore. It's now 5am. The iPad had this page loaded so I realized it hadn't posted. So here I am and now I'm gone.  

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