My to do list today:

 Fold like 3 loads that are already clean and dry
 Wash towels
 Wash bathroom rugs
 Wash sheets and blankets
 Wash work clothes and underwear, socks and bras 
 Wash whatever else is left
Sweep/mop front entry way, bathrooms and kitchen
Clean counters in bathrooms and kitchen
Clean mirrors
Move the suitcases and drying racks to a closet somewhere
Move other random things to closets (old TiVo, box in bedroom...)
Clean the tubs and toilets
Clean the pool table off
Clean up the front room and make it look nice
Clean off the front pass through 
Give Kreasy his flea medicine
Clean the cat table off 
Water the plants

Reevaluate when done or close to done to see what else needs to be done by Saturday. 

What's so important about Saturday??? My daddy is coming to visit me!! (Well I guess visit us haha)
I'm so excited. I haven't seen him in almost 3 months. I should shower and start my day. I've got a long list that is going to take me more than a day to do. 

Oh I need to add some more stuff. Ggrrr. 

Change litter box, do that Friday night
Take out the garbage and put the big cans out for pick up and try to take out some of the recycling (the big can is almost full)
Hand towels in kitchen and guest bath 

That's it for now. Here's some pictures of what I'm starting with. 

These pictures were all taken a week or so ago so they're not truly up to date. Like I've cleaned the kitchen since then and now it's dirty again so it looks different but I don't have current mess pictures. Lol. But I'll post clean after pictures. I love before and afters. Even if its just of cleaning. 

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