Some of the stuff that has happened today!

J decided to hang stuff today. Yay. So exciting. 

My skeleton key hook is back in action. I'm so happy about it. We couldn't hang up my new skeleton key hook though. Maybe later. He doesn't know where the drill bits are, he thinks they're in his dad's truck. 

My shelf is hung up!!! Hm. Maybe it should have been centered on the wall? Idk. The dresser isn't centered and we hung it to line up with the dresser. I need to get bookends now!! The stuff on the dresser really needs to be cleaned up. But I'm too lazy to deal with it. I always am like I have other things I want to do or I just want to sit here and do nothing. 

Here's a sort of close up of my books! I've read Don't Go and Red Lily. I'm reading Three Sisters right now. Oh and I read Return of Tradd Street too. Those 3 need to go in the barn actually and I have books out there that I haven't read yet that need to come back into the house. 

I went to the barn looking for our bug spray but I couldn't find it BUUUUUUUUUUUT I did find our toaster!!!!! I'm so friggin excited about this. Now I just need to find a place for it. Lol.

I'll probably clean up the top of the helmer and move one of the purple bins to it and then the toaster can go there. And I can buy toaster strudels now and waffles. I've been wanting waffles for a while now. I can buy bread and make toast. So excited. J says we can make grilled cheese sandwiches with the toaster too. I've never done that but I'll definitely give it a try. He said one time too that we could bring his new panini grill in here. And then use it to make cheese sandwiches. Mmmmm.... I am hungry now. But look at my pretty toaster! 

I also took down most of my magnets. I left 7 of them up there on the helmer and then I left all my Instagram magnets of course. 

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