Brooke's and Walgreens.

We're at Brooke's. K and A are moving to Orlando tomorrow. And this is their goodbye dinner! I wonder if I can sneak and take a picture right now of everyone. 

Okay. Well it's not easy to take a picture of everyone without them knowing at my angle. Lol. So you'll have to settle for me and J. Oh. Did we take a July photo? I'll have to look into that. 

This past week hasn't been a good week for Walgreens in my area. Last Sunday a Walgreen's manager was carjacked when they went into to work at 430am ish. They had a gun. Then they went to Circle K and robbed them. But that time they shot witnesses. I know they found the car ditched but I don't know yet if the police caught the guys. I don't even know what the guys looked like. Then I think Thursday a guy bought a pack of gum and when the register opened the guy went to grab cash and the cashier tried to stop it? And the guy pushed the cashier aside and left? I don't know if he got money. No weapons used there. Then last night 2 employees were going to lock the doors for the night and a guy pushed his way in and demanded money. He got away with money and there were no weapons used there. In all 3 cases no one was hurt. Well I don't think in the 2nd case the cashier was hurt but they were pushed. 

It's crazy. It's all happened in the past 8 days. And all in my area. I know things happen all the time and all across the country. But it just sucks when it's in your area and so many things are happening. I hope nothing else happens and that everyone is safe. 

J and D and baby M left!!

Here's baby M before they left. He didn't notice me for a while then all of a sudden he was smiling all cute at me!!! 

I am so ready for food. But we're always waiting for people to come and so we wait. I am starving!! This happened during one of the World Cup games. We waited then I kept trying to tell the waitress I wanted food and it just wasn't happening. Then it finally did. And it was great. Lol. 

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