Did my nails.

So. I have this problem. I love any product that involves your nails. (You're probably thinking duh by this point...) I always want to buy everything. Sometimes I pay full price but a lot of what I own was bought at huge discounts. Or even free samples. 

A few years ago I bought 2 packs of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. At work. They were on sale I think buy one, get one 50% off. I really wanted the skull and crossbones design and then my second choice was the butterflies you saw a few weeks ago. 

I used the skull and crossbones right away. The package comes with 16 nail strips (which the Sally Hansen ones are real nail polish) and they come in two little sealed packs and each one has 8. (I think my numbers are correct.) I saved the extra skull and crossbones in a bag all these years and then sometime in the past year I put them into a little plastic container. I never opened the butterflies package until this year. I used 2 nail strips out of a pack of 8 and then put the rest into a ziplock bag.

Then last night I wanted to just play around with the various nail strips and stickers I have. (I have a ton!) I have the 2 I mentioned, plus some purple ones that were samples from work and 2 packages of this black and white plaid design that I bought at Dollar Tree. I think that's it from the Sally Hansen line. 

I've really liked how they work so... Last night I started opening up everything. I tried the old opened ones AND THEY'RE dried out. I was so upset, lol. So I only could work with the purple ones and the plaid design. 

I did this set up on both hands: 

Except on the right thumb nail, I cut out a small rectangle from one of the plaid ones and stuck it on the nail over the purple. I was going to cut out more and put them on all the nails in some sort of pattern. Well I hated how it looked. 

I made so many mistakes last night but I didn't care. I was just playing around seeing what worked and didn't work and practicing with the nail strips since I have so many and haven't used them that much in the past. I have tip wear already because I had trouble filing the edges off. On the right pinky nail by the cuticle there's a big chunk missing. The edges on some of the nails aren't stuck down all the way or they're not the right size and so the edge doesn't go to the finger which means there's a gap there too. Or too big and the edges go over the nail. 

But it looked decent enough that I was going to go to work with it and take it off tonight. It was truck day today and I knew I would mess my nails up anyways.

Buuuuuuut I got so many compliments on my nails today that I couldn't believe it. I was like but I made so many mistakes, they're not perfect, I don't like them. Because of all the compliments though, I decided to leave them on another day and to also show everyone what they looked like!

Plus share my lovely boring story with everyone. Haha. If you're still reading this without caffeine, I'm sorry. 

I also tried these Loreal nail lingerie over the purple strips but it wasn't working. I'll try them again. They're just stickers and are clear with a design on them. Loreal says they can be worn alone or over your nail polish. I liked the idea of wearing it over nail polish. It would be easy nail art. But I was having trouble filing down the edge. They're removeable so off it went. 

That's how the Loreal stickers come. Oh look, there's the thumb nail I didn't like. I'll take a picture of how the nail sticker looks on the nail. 

It's a clear background so you can see your polish (or polish strip) color so it's a great idea. Except I cut the end off and then tried filing it down. Didn't work, I'll try again though another day since these won't dry out. Dollar tree had 2 designs of these and I bought each design. 3 packs of this one and 2 packs of another one. I'm too lazy to get out of bed and get the other pack to show you. Maybe tomorrow? 

But that's the awesome story of my crappy manicure that everyone else loved. 

I've taken the last 3 pictures with the iPad and am really enjoying it so there's another picture. That's all my leftover nail strips that I can't use. I wanted to see if I could use them with clear nail polish. Like paint my nails and stick it on there and then paint over it. 

That's the sealed packages I have left. Maybe next week, I'll use those 2 designs together, but when I do I'll lose out on 6 strips. Sad face! 

Well I'll end this super long post now! 

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