I went to the dentist a few weeks ago. July 11th to be exact. So I don't have a cavity. But the dark spot is maybe a pre cavity? Or a spot where I lost a lot of minerals from the prescription and so I have to be careful and make sure it doesn't turn into a cavity because it can. The hygienist was rough with cleaning my teeth because supposedly they were bad. But she got all the plague and tarter build up so that's good. I have a prescription strength toothpaste that has more fluoride in it than non prescription toothpaste has, I think it's like 3 times the amount? I'm supposed to brush my teeth 3 times a day, twice with my regular toothpaste and then once with the prescription one. I'm supposed to only use it before bed and only a pea sized amount. I also ended up buying a rotadent toothbrush!! It was $100 but it's supposed to be the best electric toothbrush and I believe it. I had one when I had braces and used it for years. This one has a lifetime warranty on it so that's awesome. And it does a pretty awesome job it seems. You're not supposed to use toothPASTE with it, only gel toothpaste and the prescription one I have is a paste. The hygienist said it would be fine but I'm just using 2 toothbrushes with my 2 toothpastes. At this point, I figure it isn't a big deal. Lol. I have a dollar tree plastic tote that I have all my teeth stuff in and I just carry it into the bathroom when I brush my teeth. I have 2 toothbrushes, 2 toothpastes, a plastic container with dental picks, mouth wash and cups in there. I also have a cosmetic bag with picks, toothpaste, toothbrush and a small bottle of mouthwash in it that I bring with me wherever I go. I brush at work. If we're out, I might rinse in a bathroom somewhere. I don't brush 3 times a day all the time but I try to do something after I eat. I only eat about 2 times a day and I figure that's why I'm supposed to brush 3 times a day. 

I don't know if this will work but I am really hoping it does. She said that the prescription did this and that the toothpaste will remineralize my teeth so it seems like the medicine had zapped the minerals out of my teeth. 

As for the shifting thing, I have no idea if they shifted. She said they didn't have my old X-rays because they're digital now. I don't know why that's a problem! So what did they do with all the old files? Did they get rid of them? Is it a problem because they can't just hold the old ones up to the new ones and compare? I don't care. I feel like my teeth shifted enough that you could look at them side by side and see a difference. But what do I know.... 

They also were being difficult about my insurance. I don't want to say stupid... They said they didn't know what my insurance would cover or when my last X-rays were (I told you five times May of 2013) and they didn't know how many times my insurance will cover X-rays. It's definitely once a year and it's been over 12 months since my last ones so you're fine. They didn't do a complete set of X-rays, they only did a partial set. Just in case I would have to end up paying for it. Well my insurance did end up covering it. I got a detail letter saying what they paid for and so now when I go back to my 6 month appointment, they're going to say well we did partial X-rays 6 months ago so we still can't do a complete set. But I think my insurance covers X-rays twice a year. 

I didn't have much anxiety that day. 

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