Other nail products I own. Lol.

I'm going to post more pictures of nail products I own. 

Here's Revlon's nail polish strips: 

That was a hard picture to take. The camera had flipped the picture sideways but I had the nail strips up and down like that. And I kept going in the wrong direction to make sure everything was in the picture. 

That one sparkles.


I'm not sure how much I like the designs but they're Revlon brand and were at the dollar tree so I figured I better buy them now or they'll be gone forever. 

Here are the various stickers I have 

And here are my nails with some of them on.

Now I gotta seal coat them in I hope. Then go to sleep. I have to be awake at 7 and I'm not tired.

I'd also like to add that the stickers? Were all really cheap too. That cat design I bought at Walgreens on clearance for either $1 or ¢.50 I can't remember. But at Hot Topic they have to exact cat design for $4.50. Some of the stickers came from nail kits I've bought on sale, then finally some ares I ordered from the it is an site. Everything is cheap. I love the nail products. Lol. Obviously, 

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