Earlier this year (or in December?) there was a zoya nail polish promotion where you got 3 free nail polishes but you had to pay the shipping. Shipping for the 3 bottles was $12 so it came out to be $4 a bottle for Zoya nail polish. I was so excited. I had never tried that brand before but I had seen so many colors I liked in the past *2 years or so that I've been obsessed with nail polish. Their nail polishes are $9 and $10 each. Pixie dust polishes (textured) are $10 and almost everything else is $9. I think there are a few others that aren't textured that are $10. Like Monet which is a glitter top coat is $10 and then I think there's a few other "special" ones like that but all the regular colors are $9 so they're expensive! So $12 for 3 bottles??? Heck yes, I did it and I love the colors. I bought Mimi (because my grandmother went by Mimi), Robyn and Zuza. Mimi is a dark royal metallic purple polish, Robyn is a blue (turquoise) creme (like a robin's egg!) and Zuza is a teal shimmer metallic polish. Here's a post from My Simple Little Pleasures that shows Mimi here's Robyn from The Polish Aholic and finally Zuza from Let Them Have Polish I hope the ladies don't mind if I share their posts. I'm a huge fan of Let Them Have Polish so everyone should follow her. 

So now... Why am I babbling about Zoya today?? Because they're doing the free 3 bottles promotion again right now!!!!!!/?Moment=1883 

So I spent forever picking out my 3 colors. I had a bunch of colors in my cart and saw that if you spend $30 they also gave you a free sample of their nail polish remover. I wasn't going to spend more than the $12 but I decided in the end to go ahead and splurge. They also have 4th of July sets for $15 and those have 3 bottles in them so that makes those shades $5 a bottle which is a great deal too. So what did I end up getting today? I ordered 8 bottles of nail polish altogether and with shipping my total was $45 which ends up being $5.63 a bottle. I got the Festive Fireworks Trio which has Sarah, Trixie and Song in it. Then my single bottles are Binx (because of my kitty), Stassi, Aurora, Dillon and Rebel. I wanted Rebel last time so I went ahead and got it now. I can't wait to get everything. I'm so excited. They're also sending a 1oz sample of Lemongrass lotion too. Plus the 2oz sample of their nail polish remover. So it's an awesome deal for Zoya nail polish. If I bought these polishes by themselves it would be $72 and shipping would be free for orders over $55. I almost was going to bump my order up to $55 to get the free shipping. But I would have had to bought 3 more polishes to get to $55 and I would have actually end up spending $60 and it would have been $5.45 a bottle but I don't mind the $5.63 price either. If you want to see pictures of my new colors, you can search Zoya plus the polish color and there are tons of beautiful pictures out there. There are so many talented ladies out there that post such great pictures, it makes so hard to not buy more colors!! 

Now I must go. It's 3 am and I still want to paint my nails before I go to sleep. What colors am I using? Zoya Robyn m&ms Essie Secret Story. I used some of my points at Walgreens on Sunday and "splurged" on 2 bottles of Essie. I bought other stuff too with my points. I bought $50 worth of stuff and only paid $4 for the tax! I still have another $50 worth of points I can use too. I'm not sure what else to get right now. Plus Walgreens is giving me 80,000 points at some point this year for my insurance. And when I do the next set of stuff I have to do, they'll give me my final 40,000 points for the year. So $150 dollars worth of stuff will be coming my way! So excited. Do I want to spend it all on nail polish? 

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