Hhhmmm. First Busch Gardens trip and a bonus round of random thoughts at the end.

I just looked and I don't think I ever wrote about our first trip to Busch Gardens. 

Lol, I'm horrible! 

We went in May right after my birthday. May 24th? That was the day we got our 1 year passport that I mentioned in my last post. It was one of my birthday presents and we did the monthly payments for that so it's $25 a month I think or $27. I can't remember. Less than $30 lol. 

Here's a picture of the tiger exhibit with no tigers. 

It was a super hot day so the animals seemed to all be "missing" but I guess they were all just hiding from the sun. But not us. 

I look awful. And why can't I not do anything weird with my head? I always look awkward. 

That's a little better but also a little blurry. 

Then we saw some animals. Turtles, flamingos, kangaroos and koi fish. 

The item I bought that time was a "giant" skeleton key. It's about 12 inches long I think? 15? I'm horrible at estimating measurements. I thought I had a picture of it but I guess I don't. So I just took a picture. 

It doesn't have any hooks in the back to hang on the wall but J says fence staples would work. They're silver so I'd have to paint them to match. I have some nail polish that would sort of match. The staples are silver so anything would be better even if it wasn't an exact match. 

We only rode 1 ride that time but I can't remember the name of that ride. It was a roller coaster though. I'll try to post something tomorrow and I'm going to try harder to post on a schedule. 

For right now though, I need to take a shower and go to sleep. We're off work tomorrow and stayed up late tonight. So we'll probably sleep in. And then do nothing. I need to work on laundry. I need to wash my rugs! And buy a belt for our vacuum so I can use it again. I also need to clean it out. I thought I did that when we moved in but I saw it in the garage full of dirt so I guess I didn't. I might buy a replacement filter too so that I can wash it and put a clean in then and be able to use it next time without worrying about the filter being dry yet. If I can get the vacuum to working properly again, then I can vacuum the rugs and not have to wash them as often. Well I hope that theory works. Lol. Kreasy lays on the rug by my side of the bed and so it gets covered in his dog hair. I flip it over and repeat. Then I switch it out for a cleaner rug and we repeat. So now all the rugs are covered in hair on both sides and no matter how much I shake them out, it doesn't help.

But how do I say no to that? He gets scared and lays on the floor next to the bed. Sometimes he goes in the closet on his side where "his" quilts are. They're "his" quilts because they're also covered in dog hair and need to be washed.
Okay my random thoughts are over. Time to really take a shower.

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