Sunday goals.

I haven't done a weekly goal list in a while so tonight, I thought that I should do that. I was mentally going through what I needed to do when I reminded myself of the Sunday goals.

-Remove my nail polish Monday before work and use just the OPI Nail Envy. My left thumb nail was breaking at the sides and I almost caught it and ripped it off a few times today. So I finally cut it off. I don't like short nails and dark colors. And the thumb nail is too short, it's below the end of my finger. And I am totally thinking about it right now and it's driving me bonkers. 

-Call the dentist. Get the number before I go to sleep and save it so I actually do this.

-Call my PCP and try to get a late morning or early afternoon appointment on August 26th. Same thing  with getting the phone number.

-Look up blood work place and make sure it's covered by my insurance. Get blood work done on Thursday if the new place is covered otherwise go back to LabCorp.

-Finish my book finally. It's only taken me over a month. 

-Start a new book but not the 2nd one in this series. Lol.

-Wash the other sheet and change it. The clean sheet is already covered in dog hair. Apparently it hid the dog hair even though it's a light color sheet!!! This white one though is driving me batty. 

-What else can I put on here? 

-Come up with ideas for my mom.

-Sweep the floor, maybe mop it. Shake out the rugs and wash 2 of them. Maybe 4. 

-Wash J's blanket and pillowcases. Plus my green blanket. I wasn't very nice and only washed my pillowcases and 1 of my blankets. But to be fair, I did wash his jeans and they're even dry for him for tomorrow. 

-Oh yeah put the clean laundry away. 

-Stop typing right now and read some of my book. Or email my mom the ideas I have in my head right now. I will probably not look up the dentist phone number tonight. I will probably just read until I fall asleep. What time do I work tomorrow? 1pm. I can totally sleep in. I just took a 3rd gabapentin just so I can fall back to sleep in the morning when he goes to work and so I can sleep past 10am. Several days this week J has woke me up around 10am and this drives me coo coo. If I wake up before that on my own it's okay. If I wake up by an alarm I set before that, that will probably be okay. I prefer the waking up on my own thing and between 10 and 11 is when it usually happens. So when he wakes me up by opening/closing the bedroom door a few times and then practically jumping up and down on the bed and turning the tv/xbox on because he's going to watch tv now apparently. Plus he's been playing this new 3DS game and it's annoyingly loud and tonight it made me want to my ears out. He doesn't ask me if it's okay to do this stuff. He just does it. When I've woken up before him, I usually either read or play on the iPad and if I really want to watch a DVD then I ask him if it'll bother him. The answer is no it won't, are you sure? I can wait til you're awake, no it's fine. So I'll watch something. Sometimes. But I always ask!

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