I was nervous about telling everyone about this place but so far I haven't crawled into a hole to hide. J's 10 year high school reunion is next Saturday. I wasn't sure what I was going to wear and bought some short heels the other night at Target. There were another pair I wanted way more but they had a much longer heel on them and I can barely walk in sneakers so I decided to be safe and go with the much shorter ones. I have a black and white dress I bought about 6 years ago and never wore and was going to finally wear it but eeeehhh.... We went to Kohl's today and I looked at stuff there and bought a black skirt and a red sleeveless blouse. Here's a picture of me trying it on.
Here's the back. 

And here's the whole outfit. 

I cropped my head out. Lol. J's school color was red (and black?) so he's wearing a red tie and black shirt and pants. So now I'll match him. The only thing I'm excited about is painting my nails to match!!! I'll do red and black and try to do some sort of nail art. It's been so long since I've done any sort of nail art. I don't have as much room now so I end up just painting them now. But I'll try to do something for Saturday. We went to Big Lots too today but they didn't have any of the polishes I wanted to look at.

Oh well that's probably a good thing. I need to rearrange my nail polish helmer. Some drawers are full whereas others barely have anything in them. I have 6 drawers for nail polish and the other helmer is nail supplies and other random things that I need to put somewhere. Like sunscreen. I have that in there. 

I just bought some cosmetic wedges so that I can finally try my hand at gradients.

I will also one day try water marbling. But both techniques are messy so they've never been high on my list of things to try. I don't even bother with regular clean up so yeah. 

I better go. I need to see if the washer is done and then if it is... I gotta paint my nails. I'm going to use Zoya's Mimi!

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