Mosquitos are annoying.

There are probably 50 mosquitos in our room right now. I've killed about 10-15 tonight. It's so ridiculous. To use our room AC we have to have this hose go out the window. So there's a hole in the screen for that and I taped paper up to cover the hole and for the most part, it keeps bugs out. The window is always open now though. We don't always have mosquitos in our room so I'm not sure why tonight there are SO MANY. I'll have to check tomorrow and see if there's a hole in the screen that they're coming through.  We didn't open the sliding glass door after it got dark. That's how they get in usually. J let Kreasy out at some point but it was still sunny. I asked J if he closed the door all the way. He said he did and then he even checked to make sure. Lol. I just looked over in the corner by J and there are 11 just right there!!!!! Ug. I am so mentally freaking out right now. 

Anyways. My nails are painted. I haven't painted them in probably a month. At least 3 weeks. Yup. I just checked and it's been 3 weeks and a day since I painted them last. Crazy. 

So I used Zoya Robyn as an accent on my right hand and then did it on the other fingers on the left hand. For the other 5 nails I did Essie Secret Story. So the right hand 4 other nails and the left hand's accent nail are Secret Story. I'll take pictures tomorrow. I also decided afterwards I should have picked out red and dark blue for 4th of July so maybe I'll take my pictures and then redo them in USA colors. They look kind of patriotic right now. But Secret Story is hot pink and hot pink is not patriotic. 

I need to take my pill and watch an episode of Longmire to give my nails adequate time to dry. They're probably dry by now but I like to give them an hour before I do anything. So good night. For real.

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