ADD much?

I feel like I have ADD sometimes. Not true ADD because I didn't have it as a child and to have it as an adult, you have to have had the symptoms as a child too and I know I didn't. But I definitely have the symptoms now. It could be from one of the medicines I'm on or something else causing it. I do want to bring it up to my doctor next month. I use to be able to sit and read a book for hours. I could sit there and watch a TV show straight through. I would leave a room and remember what I went there for. I could go in that room and not get distracted by 10 other things and then do what I wanted to do. 

Now??? I can't read at home anymore. I bring a book with me everywhere though and I read before work, on my breaks, in the car on the way to somewhere or before an appointment. Which is good that I'm able to read during those times but I really miss reading at home. But I can never focus.

When I watch a show, I pause it a thousand times to check my phone, to get up for something, to check something on the Internet. Then I get distracted some more and 20 or more minutes go by and I  haven't gone back to the show. 

I'll start a blog post and it'll sit in my drafts because I got distracted and never went back to it. I made up a schedule for myself but I never follow it. 

Before at the house, I would say okay, I'm going to get up and I am going to sweep the kitchen then mop it. I would get up grab something to take to another room. Then I would set that down and start a load of laundry. I would then go back in the bedroom closet and put away all the clean clothes. Then I'd clean the litter box because it was in the laundry room and while I was in there to start the washer, I'd realize it was dirty. I'd put the dirty litter into the trash and have to take out all the trash. So I'd empty out the laundry room can, the 3 bathroom trash cans, I would go through the wash collecting our trash that hadn't made it into a can yet and then take it all outside. I'd then go back inside and do the same for recycling. Oh it's garbage night so I'd take the cans to the street. Go back inside. I'd think man, I need a break! I'd sit down and do something Internet related. Oh it's time to put the clothes in the dryer. So now while I'm up, I should wash some dishes. Wash dishes then wipe the counters down. THEN I'd remember that I wanted to sweep and mop the kitchen. And it's now like 2 hours later. I'd sweep the kitchen and think oh I might as well sweep the laundry, front entry way and our bathroom and I'd do all that. I would then maybe mop all those areas or some of them. It was hit or miss by then. I could end up getting a lot done but I didn't do it in the order I wanted and it wasn't like okay, these are the things I need to do, no matter the order. That would be okay. But if I get up to do one specific thing I want to be able to just do that. I don't want to get distracted by a thousand things possibly never getting to my original thing. 

I can't remember (lol) what the other symptoms were but not being able to focus and getting easily distracted are my biggest annoyances. The other things aren't as bothersome to me, if at all. 

I know I should have more free time now compared to when we were living at the house because now I'm not responsible for cleaning an entire 2200 sq ft house myself but I feel like I have NO TIME. I come home after work and then when it's bed time, I feel like I ran out of time. And it's not even anything important that I'm not doing. I'm behind on TV shows, I'm not reading my book, I'm not working on my blog, I'm behind in reading my blogs and forums. So it's definitely unimportant stuff but I seriously am at a loss at the end of the night where all my time went. But at the house, I would clean the house and then still have time to read my stuff or watch my shows and I wasn't behind on anything. I have way more free time now but no time at all.

My appointment with my primary care doctor is August 26th and hopefully I have the courage to talk to him about this! 

Does anyone have advice or tips for this? I feel like I should have a notebook or a clipboard with paper hanging on the wall that I can just jot anything and everything down. Then I can look at it and see what I want to do or need to do and just cross stuff off when I do it. If I need to remind myself of something, it'll be there and I'll see it every time I look at the paper. I have a little notebook on my night stand that I do write in sometimes but it's for stuff like appointments or phone numbers but not a running list of everything in my life. One of the ALFs that I deliver to is really busy at the front desk. Each phone has a notebook or a stack of scrap paper. They have to write everything down. If they get a phone call, they have to write down what's being said. Not word for word but like Sally, apt 101, plumber. Hang up, take another phone call. John, son of apt 305, billing. Hang up and deal with 3 people at the desk. Then they'll write up the work order for 101 and call billing and ask them to call John back. Then they cross off those things or throw the paper away. They don't have to save it or file it. But they're so busy that they can't take a chance of forgetting something. It seems like something I need to try. 

Okay, time to go. Gotta check on the clothes in dryer. Have a good night!

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