Phone calls and a cavity.

I've made 2 phone calls in the past week! I had to call my doctor to find out when my next appointment was and then I called back a few days later to reschedule my appointment. So now I have 2 appointments on the same day in August. Sigh. I need to also make an appointment with a dentist. I guess I'll go to the same dentist I went to in 2012(?) in Fort Myers. I was on a new medicine and it messed with my gums really bad. I stopped taking the medicine in June and my gums are slowly going back to normal. But I think my teeth shifted during all that and now I think I have a cavity. Which would be my first one in 20 years or more. The only cavity I've ever had was in a baby tooth and they didn't do anything. It was loose already and I think they went ahead and pulled it while I was at the orthodontist or maybe they just let it fall out on its own. I kept the tooth and didn't put it under my pillow. It's in a jewelry box somewhere. Lol. I had 2 teeth pulled when I was about 13 to make more room in my mouth for my teeth. I don't have enough room in my gums for all my teeth so they're completely overcrowded. And with the ehlers danlos syndrome, my teeth shift all the time anyways. So when the medicine really messed them up, my teeth just get pushed out of place. I was supposed to have 4 teeth pulled when I was 13 but it really freaked me out that they wanted to pull perfectly healthy teeth so I only let them do 2. I should have listened to them and had them do all 4. I don't know now if I made the right choice because my teeth are still messed up after having braces for 8 years. Part of that though is I had to stop wearing my retainers after a few months. Or a few weeks, don't really remember. But they stopped fitting me and my parents didn't take me back to have them redone. Plus my wisdom teeth are impacted. They don't bother me though and my mom's dentist said that if they don't hurt me then don't have them pulled. Let them stay where they are. I am so terrified of the dentist. I didn't go from the age of 16 to 29 or 30. I guess I was 29 and it was in 2011 that I went. It was!! I thought I first got my insurance in 2012 but it was in 2011. I went twice in 2011, once in 2012 and once in 2013. I was supposed to go in November 2013 but because of what happened to me in November I never went and never rescheduled. As long as there's no problems, I don't mind the cleanings. But I'm afraid that they'll find something and I'll need a filling or something else. And I'm terrified of needles in my mouth. If I have a cavity now, I'm going to need to be put under. I'll also see if I should have any teeth pulled (like the 2 that should have been done when I was 13) and just have it done at once. I want to get braces again and I'm sure the orthodontist will tell me to get the teeth pulled first. Maybe even have my wisdom teeth taken out. Aaaaaahhhh. It's all so scary. I need to go to sleep.

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