Cars are so frustrating.

We took J's car to the mechanic today. It was "fixed". I drove it out of the parking lot and the check engine light came back on and so I pulled back in. They checked it and it came back with the same problem. So they did a few things and said it was okay. So I went to my mom's and now I'm back at my dad's. I drove like 6 miles total??? That's it! The check engine light is back on now. When you have the car in reverse, it acts like it will stall. The headlights were dimming. When I had the AC on while I was driving to my mom's it seemed like it was losing power so I didn't use it when I drove it home. If you're in reverse and are hitting the gas, it takes more pressure than it should. Which is how it was before I had everything fixed today!!! I had the blower motor replaced, the air flow meter and accelerator sensors replaced and the pigtail harness replaced. Oh and the air filter. We're taking it back to the mechanic tomorrow so hopefully the problem is fixed for good tomorrow.

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