Sundays are for goals.

My goals this week are going to be quite ambitious because I'm off work this week. 

I need to call Dodge and see if they charge for estimates and if they do, what the charge is. Then I need to set up the day and time of when I want to tow my car there for an estimate. 

I want to try to hang up a shelf but I don't know where I want it. It matches my dresser but it won't be going on that wall. Nothing in here really matches now. We have two black "nightstands" and they do match but they weren't originally nightstands. They were a 4 square shelf unit that James took apart and we each have 2 squares. His entertainment center is black and silver. The mini fridge and microwave match the entertainment center and nightstands I suppose because they're black and the microwave also has silver/stainless? on the front. Then my two nail polish drawers are gray metal with silver handles. The dresser is birch wood with silver handles and on top are white shelves (which are actually shoe racks). And now I have a birch shelf that has silver/chrome ends and it would match better on the wall above the dresser but then I don't know where to put the white shoe racks. I don't know if they would actually fit in the closet. We might be able to get two on the bottom of one side but there's no way two would fit on the other side and I don't know if they would fit up top at all. And it James idea to buy them for the top of the dresser to begin with and he put them together! So I better leave them there for now. I'll put the shelf somewhere else. 


I want to hang up a few picture frames this week!! 
I want to organize the closet.
Organize the entire top of my dresser finally.
Organize the top of the microwave and underneath the entertainment center. Figure out how to better organize our food. I need to wash our food containers. We went to Ikea over the weekend and looked at shelves but didn't know what we wanted exactly for the room so I need to make a list and some measurements and maybe in a few months we can make another trip.

I want to plant some new plants in my new pots!

Okay, I think those are enough goals for my week.

Did I mention I also need/want to sweep and mop the room? And change the sheet? And do the laundry? Cause I have to do all that too. That's all my normal stuff too though.

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